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My Costco Must-Haves

If you know me or have been one of my clients, you know that I’m obsesseddddd with Costco.

I go about once per month, stock up, and just get what I need from grocery stores and local farms in between Costco hauls.

There’s a lot of good products at Costco, but there are also lots of products that are disguised as healthy and you kind of need to be the PUFA police🚨, especially when it comes to pre-packaged meals, snacks, chips, bars, etc.

There are a lot of things that I DON’T get at Costco like most of my meat and my eggs. Quality is realllyyyyy important to me in that department and sometimes Costco doesn’t have what I need.

When in doubt, just go for whole-foods that are organic, non-processed or minimally-processed, and with recognizable non-PUFA ingredients.

Happy shopping!

*Please note - every Costco is different. Some Costco locations have a lot more organic options than others. Some of these items are seasonal and some come and go. You just have to be willing to spend some time strolling the aisles and check for new things every visit*

Refrigerated Section:

  • Kerrygold cheese

  • kerrygold butter

  • organic ground turkey

  • organic chicken thighs or breast

  • teton waters ranch grass fed polish sausages

  • simple truth or other organic turkey lunchmeat

  • Amylu organic chicken breakfast sausages

  • Sabatino’s Organic Chicken Meatballs

Frozen Section:

  • Fruit (Organic Blueberries, Strawberries, Mixed berries, Dragon fruit, Mango, etc)

  • Wild Caught Mahi Mahi

  • Wild Caught Orange Roughy

  • Wild caught cod

  • wild caught shrimp

  • wild caught scallops

  • Organic& grassfed 1/3 lb beef patties


  • Whisps Cheese Crisps

  • Guacamole Cups - Kirkland Brand

  • Organic Salsa

  • Barnana Plantain Chips

  • Stretch Island Organic Fruit Strips

  • UNREAL Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

  • Siete chips (these do have chia seeds so I don't eat a lot of them at once but they're nice to have on hand for an occasional snack)

  • 405 Pork Rinds


  • Organic Bananas

  • Organic apples

  • Organic Potatoes

  • Organic Carrots

  • Organic Cherry Tomatoes

  • Organic oranges/clementines

  • Any organic fruit you can find

  • Organic mushrooms

  • Organic butternut squash cubes


  • Big Tree farms organic Coconut Aminos

  • Chosen Foods avocado oil mayo or Sir Kensington’s avocado oil Mayo

  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray

  • Organic Olive Oil

  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Organic balsamic vinegar

  • Olives

  • Canned Organic Coconut Milk

  • Any other organic condiments you find without PUFAs


  • Orange juice (make sure it doesn't have ascorbic acid)

  • Organic Pure Maple syrup

  • Organic Honey

  • Dried figs

  • Dried dates

  • Dried Apricots

  • Dried Mango

  • UNREAl Dark chocolate coconut bars

  • Canned tuna

  • Coconut water (make sure it doesn't have ascorbic acid)

  • Garofalo Organic pasta

  • One Degree Organics sprouted oats

  • Cacao powder


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