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Let's Use Some Common Sense!

Let’s get back to using COMMON SENSE when it comes to what we eat, because diet culture has COMPLETELY LOST IT. 🤦‍♀️

The diet industry, the nutrition industry, (even the “holistic” nutrition space sometimes) has become completely overrun with insanity.

“Don’t eat dairy”, says the paleo community, but it’s absolutely reasonable to eat copious amounts of ground nuts in the form of a pancake, topped with nut butter, washed down with a glass of cashew milk.

“Sugar is the devil” says everyone ever, as they sip on their diet cokes (hello chemicals), and add sweet n’ low to their coffee (more chemicals).

“Milk makes you fat and creates mucous” says almost everyone, as they sip on their soy milk latte (filled with phytoestrogens and wonder why their hormones are out of whack).

CAN WE JUST STOP LISTENING TO ALL THE 💩 out there and listen to our bodies?

Can we use COMMON SENSE when it comes to our food decisions?

Can we all agree that anything made in a lab and marketed by the diet industry as a health food is probably *not*, in fact, a health food?

Can we agree that soy milk is NOT MILK?

When I started swapping out my cashew cheese for real cheese and my stevia-sweetened drinks for orange juice, my health changed dramatically.

It’s really this simple, I promise.

Now go eat some real food. ♥️


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