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Leaf: *dies* Me: transitions to pumpkin spice-only diet and doesn't leave the kitchen until spring

There is just something about fall and not leaving the kitchen until all the cozy recipes are baked, #amirite?

Well, the good news is I got you covered with a whole bunch of new fall recipes to enjoy this season! I can’t wait to share Gather with everyone on September 19!

And the even better news is that the recipes in Gather are EASY. Put it in your slow cooker in the morning, your house will smell heavenly all day, and you’ll have the best fall dinner to serve with zero stress and minimal effort.

I can’t wait to share another cookbook with you all, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

**Although unlikely, recipes are subject to change. Final recipes will be announced shortly before launch if any changes have been made**


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