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How toxic is your kitchen?

How toxic is your kitchen?

Well, the more of these products you use, the more toxic your kitchen is 😬

The problem with toxic kitchen tools + appliances is they aren’t something we use every now and then… they’re things that we use

It’s the repetition of something as small as a K-cup or a plastic cutting board that can expose us to dangerous levels of chemicals + xenoestrogens over time, and can contribute to conditions like estrogen dominance and other diseases.

Swipe ➡️ to learn about how these products are harming you and for a list of swaps (slide 7).

Here’s some brands that I trust when it comes to kitchen + cleaning products:

@360cookware (my friend @rootcausewithcara has a link + discount code in her bio)

@treeboard for non-toxic cutting boards

@surlatable has a lead + melamine-free dish set

@costco has an awesome set of glass food storage containers for under $30

@ifyoucare_usa has unbleached parchment paper + lots of other clean kitchen swaps like baggies, muffin/cupcake liners, coffee filters, etc.

@puracy for cleaning products (@wildlyonswellness has a discount code on her website)

I personally just use baking soda + white vinegar to clean almost everything! I even use vinegar in my laundry instead of bleach.


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