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How To Meet Your Calcium Goals

Let’s talk CALCIUM 🥛

One of *the* most important minerals, but I do NOT recommend supplementing it.

Although getting adequate calcium through food in our diet is critical, supplementing can be detrimental to our mineral balance, causing a surplus of calcium in relation to other important minerals.

Calcium surpluses from supplementation can lead to:

✅ Imbalanced (decreased) magnesium - which is counterproductive, because magnesium is needed for calcium absorption

✅ Imbalanced (decreased) sodium

✅ Imbalanced (decreased) potassium

✅ Depression

✅ and more…

Remember though, this is from excess calcium through calcium supplementation. Calcium itself is still a critically important mineral to obtain through our diets.

If you eat dairy, it’s fairly easy to get enough calcium from your food. If you don’t eat dairy, or have been dairy free for years and you’re slowly reintroducing it (like me)… you have to be really intentional about getting enough calcium.

Unless you’re having something like a mineral broth daily, pearl powder, or eggshell powder, you may be deficient.

Swipe ➡️ for what I’m currently consuming daily to ensure I’m getting enough calcium as I increase my dairy intake.

I use @crucialfour pearl powder and @meg_langston’s recipe for egg shell powder.

Curious to learn more about your current calcium status? I recommend HTMA testing, which tells you all about your calcium levels AND all your other macro and micro minerals. Link in bio to learn more!

*not medical advice or diagnosis*


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