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How to Lose Weight

You know what’s NEVER going to change if it’s the only thing you focus on?


Why? Because the only way to lose weight logically, safely, and compassionately, is to address the reason why your body is holding onto that extra weight in the first place.

Of course you can hit the gym 7 days a week at 6am without breakfast, restrict calories, cut carbs and sugar, and guess what? It’s probably going to work. For a bit. Until your body can’t take it anymore (again), crashes and burns, and the cycle starts over.

When it comes to weight-loss, focusing on LITERALLY ANYTHING within your body besides your actual weight is going to the only way you ever get lasting results.

SWIPE ➡️ for some suggestions of other places you can spend your time, energy, and money to help you lose weight in the long run, if that’s what your body truly needs.


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