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How I Re-Introduced Dairy


Scroll down for my 5 step process on how I reintroduced dairy.

After I posted about eating ice cream a few weeks ago, I got a ton of requests asking me how it was possible.

Like most things in life, it comes down to getting to the root of the problem, and then using mindset and positive thinking.

I wasn’t able to tolerate dairy because I had a very serious SIBO and Candida overgrowth taking place in my gut.

I had SIBO and Candida from a disease of estrogen dominance- endometriosis. (Did you know that 90% of women with endometriosis deal with gut dysbiosis)?

Iron dysregulation/overload was also contributing, and basically, I was a hot mess. So in order to reintroduce dairy, I had to heal my gut. In order to heal my gut, I had to heal my estrogen dominance.

Do you see how everything in the body is connected? It’s amazing.

I’ve now been healing my estrogen dominance and therefore, my gut, for months. With a little help from @mitolife Dairy Absorb, I’ve had no issues.

When I first shared that I was eating dairy again, I got so many messages from women saying they were scared of dairy. I get it, but the fear has to stop.

You attract what you visualize. If you visualize yourself getting diarrhea and acne from dairy, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.

If you use a practical approach and mindset (I.e. dairy is a nutritious food - it belongs in the diet and my body will tolerate it without any issues) - then that’s what you will attract.

I’ve helped myself and now many of my clients successfully reintroduce dairy.

It’s possible, it’s nutritious, and ICE CREAM IS DELICIOUS. You will never see me drinking almond milk or eating cashew cheese ever again 🙅🏼‍♀️

We seriously don’t need to try to outsmart God with nut and seed dairy substitutes 🙃 it just backfires. Been there done that! No thanks!


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