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Full Thyroid Panel

If you ask most doctors to run a FULL thyroid panel for you, they will likely act like you’re asking them to move mountains and part the Red Sea.

Why? We don’t know. But no, a full thyroid panel ≠ TSH and T3. You cannot possibly get the full picture of what’s going on with your thyroid just by running those two markers.

Running all these markers is the only way to ensure that the thyroid is being fully checked.

The entire purpose of running thyroid labs is to see how efficiently your body is converting t4 to t3 - without those markers you will never understand why your TSH is low or high in the first place, which is why running TSH alone makes no sense!

Swipe ➡️ for a quick review on the thyroid, a list of all the thyroid labs you’ll want to ask your doctor for for a FULL thyroid panel, and why each individual marker is important.

I ran my first full thyroid panel a little over a year ago. My thyroid was trashed - I was still dealing with constipation, horrible periods (endometriosis), and GI issues of all types.

With targeted supplementation and focusing on minerals, my thyroid was almost COMPLETELY healed by my next full thyroid panel about 6 months later, and so were many of my symptoms.

The power of treating the body as a whole, and not just individual parts, is critical when it comes to true healing. The full thyroid panel paired with the HTMA was a game changer for me!

PS - please remember that this post IS A JOKE. Please do not get offended. I know there are awesome doctors out there that run full thyroid panels all the time. However, they’re few and far between.



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