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Food Is Medicine!

FOOD IS MEDICINE. It’s my favorite “drug” around.

I can’t even tell you how many of mine and my client’s problems have been solved by just EATING ENOUGH FOOD.

Of course, it’s all about eating enough of the right foods (nourishing, nutrient-dense, easy to digest, mineral-rich, etc), but even then, so many women are still chronically under-eating and it’s taking a toll!

TBH, that 1200 or 1400 or even 1600 calorie diet is depriving you. Especially that low carb or keto or vegan diet that’s devoid of nutrients and full of tough-to-digest foods.

It’s depriving you of nutrients, first off. And second, it’s depriving you of self-love and trust. It’s repeatedly sending the message to your body that it is out of control, needs monitoring, and isn’t worthy of being nourished.

Healing isn’t just about properly nourishing, though - it’s more about our mindset than anything else. Choosing to stay in a place of deprivation every day will keep you in that depressed cycle of dis-ease and imbalance.

Choosing to nourish your body on a cellular level will set you free mentally, physically, and emotionally. Say no to the scale and say yes to:

✔️Beef liver


✔️root veggies

✔️trusting your body

✔️adrenal cocktails

✔️raw dairy

✔️animal protein


✔️deleting your calorie counting app

✔️sugar (predominantly from fruits, roots, honey, and maple syrup)

✔️raw carrot salad

✔️living your freaking life!!!

Happy Friday 😘


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