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Eating Sugar + Healing Estrogen Dominance

FACT: I started healing from my estrogen dominance and my endometriosis, a disease deemed “incurable” by modern medicine, when I started eating sugar.

BUT how can this be?! Sugar is the devil!!!

Actually, your cells run on sugar and need it to thrive. Let me say it louder for the people in the back: YOUR CELL’S PREFERRED SOURCE OF ENERGY IS SUGAR.

Can you survive without sugar? Yep, you can. But the longer you continue to deprive your body of its number one source of energy, the more you will pay for it.

If you’re anything like my past self and are living a #lowcarb lifestyle, this sounds like absolute insanity. Don’t worry, I was you for years. I didn’t get it. I thought sugar was the worst substance on the face of the earth, so I avoided it at all costs.

And every year, I continuously got worse. My endometriosis and period pain became unbearable. My thyroid function plummeted. I had extreme weight fluctuations, accompanied by inflammation and water weight (an absolutely lovely combo). I was miserable in every way.

So how is sugar helping me heal from endo and overall estrogen dominance?! It all goes back to the LIVER.

If you don’t eat enough sugar, your LIVER has to make it for you.

(Yes, God really is that cool. He gave your body the ability to MAKE sugar when you’re not feeding your body enough. The process is called gluconeogensis.)

So if your liver- which you need in stellar shape in order for it to help aide in detoxification of excess estrogen- is having be your personal sugar making factory, of COURSE it isn’t going to have the capacity to do it’s day job of, ya know, regulating your hormones.

PLUS, your body has to jump through all sorts of hoops and “metabolic gyrations” (Broderick Chavez) for this to work, which is taxing on your metabolism, which is the absolute foundation of your health.

Moral of the story, you won’t see me joining any 30 day sugar detox groups any time soon 😉


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