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Eating "pro-metabolic" isn't a diet, unless you make it a diet.

Prioritizing foods that support your metabolism isn’t a diet.

A lot of time on my calls with clients, they’ll say something like “I can’t eat this”, or “am I allowed to have this?”

My response is always: “hmmm… let’s check in for a minute! This is starting to sound a little like diet culture talk coming through, and remember, that’s the opposite of what we’re going for here.”

We call it “pro-metabolic” because eating higher quality foods more regularly that support the metabolism help everyone understand what we’re doing and what the goal of eating like this truly is.

Having lists of foods that are more & less supportive are helpful guidelines and it would be really hard to define what we’re trying to do without that list. However, this list does not make it a diet.

Creating hard and fast “rules”, bringing diet culture talk into it, and letting it become a source of stress in your life is when it becomes a diet.

The biggest foundation of this way of eating and living is that we prioritize quality, education, and understanding.

This is a learning and unlearning experience.

@noellekovary said it best: “you can make anything a diet if you want to. You can take any information and twist it to fit your agenda. You can decide to live in a box, chained to another diet, only eating certain foods, fearing the rest, or you can decide not to.”


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