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Don't Just Focus on Nutrition

Things that are just as important (if not WAY MORE important than properly nourishing yourself.

People, we have a problem.

Lately, I’ve seen so many women spend so much time freaking out about every single little crumb of food they put in their mouth, that they are losing sight of EVERYTHING ELSE that’s just as important (if not far more important)!!

We are so hyper-focused on food, what we eat, how it makes us feel, what if it caused ________ symptom, etc., that we are causing ourselves MASSIVE amounts of undue and frankly ridiculous stress.

You could be doing *everything* right when it comes to food, but still be having problems? Why?

Well, let’s check in.

Are you taking time to spend time with people that make you smile, laugh, and be happy? People that understand you and your values and your interests? Do you feel connected or do you feel alone?

Are you taking frequent, quality time away from your phone? (And no, i’m not talking about putting your phone down to watch Netflix).

Are you taking the time to relax and do something you truly love? I’m not talking about sitting on the couch and scrolling through Instagram. I mean reading a book, playing an instrument, whatever that looks like to you.

Are you making it a priority to get some fresh air and spend time outside in nature every day? Are you moving your body in ways that are healing & restorative?

Are you reducing or making an effort to protect yourself from exposure to EMFs from your phone, TV, laptop, and electronics? (EMFs are linked to decrease in ovulations, oxidative stress, hormonal conditions, etc.)

If you are married, how’s your sex and intimacy with your spouse? How’s your relationship and connection? Do you feel heard and understood and seen by them?

I could go on & on but you get it. We are so focused on food that we’re stressing ourselves out over it, which is adding more stress and taking even more time away from the most important things.

Don’t worry about the pink Himalayan salt on your favorite chips. Don’t worry about having some peanut butter on your 🍌 every so often.

Let’s take some deep breaths and remember this isn’t just another diet. You got this!


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