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Diet Mentality vs. Metabolic Mentality

Have you ever been on a diet?

If so, then you’ve probably been a victim of the FEAR POLICE!🚨

And if you’ve been a victim of the fear police, even for a short amount of time, it can have lasting mental impacts that tell you that you need to be following “rules” if you want to be “____________” (pretty, skinny, fit into size xyz, etc.)

Often times, we end up *liking* the rules. The boundaries of what we can and can’t eat make us feel “safe” and “secure” in this weird depressing world of perpetual dieting.

The problem with rules, is that they work until they don’t work.

And when they stop working, we’re left confused, frustrated, and wanting MORE rules and to follow the rules more STRICTLY. Low carb? How about no carb! 1400 calories? How about 1200! We try and get more, and more, and more intense with it and it breaks us down further and further with every rule.

The simple difference between following a diet and following a pro-metabolic lifestyle is choosing fear or choosing understanding.

We can CHOOSE to:

❌Live in fear of what food will do to us if *God forbid* we eat “too much” of it (which most dieters think is eating anything more than 1200 calories)

✅OR we can choose to understand food quality and nutrient density, and just focus on eating enough of the good stuff.

❌We can choose to DEMONIZE A TERRIFYING FOOD GROUP like carbs or fat, because we don’t understand how they work in our body, so we just avoid them.

✅OR we can choose to understand how these macronutrients work in supporting our health and metabolism, and live in peace knowing that they nourish our body.

Ditching food rules and fear has been the most freeing experience of my life, and it has now become my life mission to help other women ditch the rules.

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