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Birth Control turns off femininity, and turns on masculinity

PART 4: Birth Control turns off femininity, and turns on masculinity.

I can already hear the comments coming… “I need birth control for x,y.z reason, I was in a toxic relationship and it saved me, etc.” so before we dive in…

Should we have access to birth control? Sure. It’s a free country. But we should also have true informed consent before being told it’s safe, effective, and you need it to “heal” yourself? ABSOLUTELY.

Is it your right and your choice to have access to hormonal birth control if you want it? Sure.

The fact that birth control simply exists is not the issue.

The fact that no one is being told about the possible implications of taking hormonal birth control, the culture of doctors shoving birth control down our throats, and the expectation that as soon as you get boobs and start your period that you just “go on birth control” IS the issue.

The fact that we were told we needed birth control because we could get pregnant at any given moment, that we needed it to be “liberated and free”, and that we our female health depends on it IS the issue and possibly one of the most deceiving lies of all time.

So, what is birth control actually doing?

Stripping us of our femininity (swipe to learn)➡️

It’s pretty gross and oppressive to tell women that they need to rely on a pill or an implanted device or injection to control their fertility.

We can control our own damn fertility. Our body NATURALLY controls already does this, but no one ever talks about that… why? Why were we not taught about our menstrual cycle and how our bodies actually work?

Well…. there’s no money to be made in natural family planning. Or at least very little when compared to the money to be made in the birth control industry, and subsequent birth control recovery industry.

It’s not better or worse to be female. It’s just DIFFERENT in a beautiful way. It’s time we stop ignoring it and start uncovering what our bodies are capable of.

*NOT medical advice. Always consult your doctor.

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