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Benefits of Liver

Why is LIVER all the rage right now?!

Because along with oysters and many other magical foods, it’s one of nature’s best and lmost powerful multivitamins. BUT every time I post about eating raw liver, I get so, so many questions (and unnecessary comments 😂).

So here’s why we do it. Among many other extremely powerful nutrients that a very small amount of liver packs, here’s some of the stars of the show:

1️⃣ VITAMIN A - a very small serving of liver (~1.2oz) contains FAR more vitamin A than the RDA. FAR MORE. Vitamin A, specifically from animal sources, is critically important because it is REQUIRED in order for the body to be able to utilized protein, minerals, and water-soluble vitamins (Weston A. Price). Vitamin A is also a powerful antioxidant, plays a very important role in building strong bones, and so much more.

2️⃣ VITAMIN K - needed for optimal bone health, proper blood clotting, is needed for improving insulin sensitivity, and can prevent and has been used in the treatment of arterial calcifications (NCBI).

3️⃣ COPPER - I already talked about the importance of copper in my oyster post from Feb 21, but the highlights are: copper is needed for SO many things like the formation of bones, for a healthy immune system, cellular energy, and the formation of collagen in the body. We need it to product Thyroid Regulating Hormone (TRH). Copper is needed for ceruloplasmin production, which is (among other thing), a powerful antioxidant.

4️⃣ B5 - I think B5 is totally underrated. B5 is a big player in assisting in energy METABOLISM. It also helps manufacture red blood cells, sex hormones, and stress hormones (Sarah Ballantyne, PhD). B5 is also needed for healthy digestion and proper function of the adrenal glands. (@sallyfallonmorell)

I eat my liver raw by taking it like a supplement. I cut it up into tiny pieces, swallow with water or chew really quickly, and chase with orange juice.

You can also put small amounts in recipes like meatballs and you usually can’t taste it. Paté is another delicious and easy way to get it in!

See my highlight “liver” for more info on how I prepare my liver. I get mine from @uswellness meats.



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