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As a society, we're eating more than ever before, but starving on a cellular level

As a society, we’ve never been so nutrient-depleted while gorging ourselves on food.

Consuming so many foods with additives, fillers, thickeners, flavor-enhancers, and preservatives has left us more disconnected than ever before from real foods and real flavors.

Add that to the fact that we’re spending less time than ever in the kitchen, being intentional about where our food comes from, growing and raising our own food, and sharing meals with those we love, and you can see the disaster we have on our hands.

Just take a look at the current food pyramid situation we have going on (slide 5).

Seed oils, specifically canola oil, soy oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, and even MARGARINE are listed as healthier than every single animal product.

Nuts, seeds, beans, and tofu (difficult to digest, non-bioavailable, and estrogenic) are listed as healthier than red meat and dairy products.

A multivitamin and vitamin D are recommended, because they KNOW that this diet is not nutritious, and the gaps “must be filled” in by synthetic vitamins (that they also profit off of).

We are truly being deceived as a society.

I know some of us just “get it” at this point with nutrition and health and are kind of tired of hearing about it.

If this is you, remember that you are probably the 1%. The other 99% of the world is still confused, disconnected, and needs help breaking through the lies and the noise and getting back to the way they were truly designed.

God provided us the most incredible, nutrient-dense foods to consume and I will never stop talking about it because I think it’s really cool that God cares for us in this way.

I’ve seen the healing that it can bring, as well as the connection and love it can restore to just eat properly prepared, nutrient-dense meals together.

Jesus’s ministry largely took place around the meals and dinner tables, and I don’t think it was an accident.


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