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A deeper look at breast health and breast cancer.

Breast cancer is now being labeled as an epidemic.

Estrogen is now being labeled as an epidemic.

And there seems to be a close tie to breast cancer + estrogen/xenoestrogens.

When I was a senior year in high school, I developed an extremely painful lump in my breast. It would grow and shrink, and be more or less painful during the different phases of my cycle.

The pain got to the point that I was uncomfortable frequently, and scared. Thoughts of breast cancer started to run through my mind.

Eventually, I went in for an ultrasound (no mammogram, thankfully), that revealed I had very cystic and dense breasts, but I was told it was nothing to worry about. MAJOR RED FLAG.


If I had known then what I know now, I would have known this was a telltale sign of estrogen dominance, which was honestly just a given, due to slew of other estrogenic symptoms I experienced, as well as endometriosis that was later diagnosed.

When it comes to any cancer, but especially breast cancer, prevention (if possible) is the best thing we can possibly do.

Living a lifestyle that eliminates exposure and use of xenoestrogenic products, and a lifestyle that supports the body’s natural ability to healthfully eliminate estrogen are *critical* to lowering our chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer later.

Using tools like the DUTCH test (offered through the Wild + Well-Fed Membership, link in bio), and breast thermography are ways to monitor breast health and be alerted to negative tissue/hormonal patterns BEFORE they become cancerous.

Our breast health is another window into our health. They shouldn’t be sore, lumpy, painful, or heavy. If they are, it’s a sign to start paying closer attention to your body.

Our bodies will never hide what’s going on inside, so we just need to make sure we listen!

*As always, NOT medical advice. Always consult with your doctor*

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