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5 "hot girl summer" behaviors I will not be participating in this summer (or ever)

I used to pull out allllll the stops for the “hot girl summer” (before it was even a thing).

That left me having a miserable girl summer, a hangry girl summer, a sunburned girl summer, an estrogen-accumulating girl summer, a boring girl summer, a dehydrated girl summer, and… the list goes on!

I was the poster girl for no ice cream, nothing but salads, approximately 1000lbs of chemical sunscreen (the spray kind was my jam bc you know, convenience), and absolutely zero fun.

Summer should be one of the most fun and enjoyable times of the year, but we have to respect our bodies during summer as much as we would any other time of the year.

Especially because during the summer, our bodies are working a lot harder for us than normal.

Yes, we’re in swimsuits more often, yes, we’re maybe wearing less clothing and some self-consciousness tendencies can creep up.

But the main thing to remember is that if you work with your body, eventually it will work with you.

If you work against your body, it won’t be long before it totally revolts, and the problems that you are trying to solve by restricting and punishing your body will increase tenfold.

Respect your body and do/wear what makes YOU comfortable this summer.

And most importantly, have fun. Healing and nourishing can’t happen in a stressed environment!


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