h i,     I ' m    A n n i k a

I'm a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, army wife, and adventurer based in Colorado.

It's my passion and purpose to help women rebuild their hormones through eating real food and ditching dieting forever. 

f e a t u r e d


w e l c o m e

I created Built from Bones to empower women to live life to the fullest, love themselves, and to walk along side them on their journey to true health.

We are all Built from Bones. Bones are the foundation on which we build our life, and the structure that allows us to leave our mark on the world. What we do with them while they belong to us is what becomes our story.

Are you ready to write your story? The one where your mind, body, and spirit are fueled with real, nutrient-dense foods that make you feel your best and allow you to accomplish your dreams?

Together, let's build our bones and live our dreams. Let's return to the way our food, fuel, and nourishment was designed to sustain us while we fill our pages with adventures.

n u t r i t i o n a l 

         t h e r a p y

Nutritional Therapy begins with an assessment of your personal health deficiencies, needs, and goals. We'll work together to uncover the underlying causes of your health concerns, and create a customized approach to restore your body's natural balance and homeostasis.

By taking a food-first and bio-individual approach, we'll take the time to address and repair the root-cause of your health concerns, rather than just just suppress your symptoms.

m e a l    p l a n s &

      s h o p    a l o n g s

Beginning the journey of switching from processed foods to nutrient-dense foods in their whole forms can feel confusing and intimidating. 

It's taken me years to navigate this seemingly arduous path, so you don't have to.


By finding nutritious swaps for your favorites (I promise - you don't have to give them up) and finding the best deals at your local natural foods stores, we'll put together an affordable plan that's delicious and easy to follow.

h o l i s t i c      h o m e

    m a k e o v e r

Let's say you've made changes to your diet, you're practicing a mindful movement routine, and overall, you're really noticing improvement in your day-to-day mental, physical, and emotional health. 

However, a few things seem to be holding you back from feeling your absolute best. Maybe you're not sleeping though the night, or getting frequent headaches throughout the day. 

Did you know that a few sneaky objects and/or products in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and cleaning or beauty products could be the missing piece that will help you achieve optimal health? 


Together, we'll walk through your home and determine what should stay, what will benefit you and your family to part from, and simple, holistic swaps. 

b u i l t    f r o m    b o n e s   r e t r e a t s 

coming soon

let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food

- aristotle

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