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Toxic Beauty

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about taking good care of yourself, presenting yourself well, and doing things that make you happy.

But the pressure women can feel after scrolling through social media is becoming unbearable. The things that we are doing at the expense of our long-term and short-term health just to look Instagram-perfect is getting out of control.

Where has this obsession in our society even come from?

I truly don’t blame the women who have opted for these beauty treatments due to the pressures they've felt.

I do blame the turning of our culture away from values, morals, and God, and the companies that then profit off our insecurities, make women want to compete with each other, and are happy to make us feel inferior until we buy their products to "solve all our problems".

The only way this is going to stop, is if us women put our foot down and say we’ve had enough.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think women are doing this for men. Most men do not seem to care. So really, why are we doing this? To impress each other? To compete with each other? To fulfill something empty inside? To get more likes?

Again, this is not knocking anyone who has chosen this. I have felt the pressure myself at times and highly considered some of these procedures. It really is a reflection on our broken society in my opinion, and I hope more women are able to see their beauty comes from anything other than procedures.

PS - I also know there are some unique situations where some people really need a certain procedure or treatment done. I am not referring to those in this post.


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