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My weight gain + loss journey

Sharing my weight journey with y’all today, as requested. 🤍🤍

There’s lots & lots of info in this post, so swipe ➡️ to check it out.

Most importantly, I want everyone to know that it took me years and years of just pushing through my weight fluctuations from malnourishment, restrictive diets, and eating disorders to get to a place where I can finally trust God’s design for my body.

It wasn’t until I found metabolically-supportive eating, that my body finally took a deep breath and let go of protection weight.

I’m finally at peace, but to be honest, the only way out for me was through. I had to push through the weight gain and crazy fluctuations in order to get to this place.

My desire to be “skinny” used to keep me up at night. Now I’m so happy with my body. It’s more curvy and muscular than I thought I’d be okay with, but releasing an unrealistic ideal for my weight has brought me so much peace.

This body can grow and create a healthy baby some day when I’m ready. This body has a regular period, regular bowel movements, and is strong. This body is my vessel for adventures and can walk, hike, and move. And for that, I’m so, so thankful.

I wish I could give my past self the BIGGEST hug. Poor girl, she was struggling.

If you’re in the midst of the struggle, all I can tell you is that things will be okay. Hang in there, nourish yourself, and PLEASE promise yourself not to go back to fad diets and restriction.

We all know that’s a dark, dark place, and healing can only come from a place of light. 🤍


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