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Most women are chronically under-eating protein. Change my mind.

Are you getting enough protein?

Through my years of taking clients and working with women, I’ve noticed that most women are not just under-eating protein, but *chronically* under-eating protein.

(And yes, men are chronically under-eating protein as well, don’t even get me started!)

It’s not uncommon to see women eating an average of 60-80g of protein a day, when most of us need anywhere from 120-150+ grams of protein (depending on weight, activity level, etc.)

Protein is needed for so many critical functions in the female body (see slide 3), and under-eating protein will lead to a breakdown of these functions in a short period of time.

So when most of us women have gone our whole lives without getting enough protein regularly, it’s no wonder that we are suffering the consequences.

Not consuming enough protein can lead to many undesirable symptoms/side-effects such as:

Inability to lose weight

Inability to build muscle

Hair loss/breakage

Weak/brittle nails

Blood sugar spikes + crashes

Being hangry a lot

& so much more

Thankfully, getting enough protein can be a simple change that can have a massive impact.

PS - Using to calculate your protein intake when you’re first adjusting to eating more protein can be really helpful!


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