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Adult Acne: Also known as "diabetes of the face"


Brace yourself… this post got a little deeper than I originally intended 😅

This ended up being more of an explanation of all the different components, and I’ll share more of what I did to actually help with all these things in part 3. (Besides the obvious of course which was supporting my body with a nutrient-dense, real food diet rich in minerals and bioavailable vitamins) EVEN when I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted to see with my skin.

But the reason I went into so much detail in this post is because it is so, so important to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND what’s going on with your body, or you will truly never be able to heal.

Lack of understanding your body makes it easier to view your body and your symptoms as the enemy, instead of your ally and signals that it’s in distress and needs some serious help.

Understanding our bodies and our symptoms are the only way to make sure we’re working with our body, and not against it. Lack of understanding can lead to a desire to seek quick fixes that end up further hurting your body in the long run.

I hope this post truly sheds light on how my acne was a SYSTEMIC, whole body, metabolic issue.

It took me almost two years of proper nourishment to be able to get to the place that when I found exactly what I needed (blood sugar balance and big a focus on b vitamins + copper, ultimately), that I was able to quickly clear my skin and keep it clear.

The deep work had been done, the foundations had been set, and clearing my skin was one of the last pieces to fall into place.

It was frustrating, I’m still fully traumatized from it, but I am SO thankful to be able to share that there is hope and healing on the other side!

Part 3 coming soon.



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